Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tea Time Among the Saw Dust

Today turned out to be productive but we started with two steps back. It's so frustrating when you have to take something apart to re-do. We both had "I told you so" moments. It just proves that it takes team work. We're good with that and didn't rub it in.

After the re-do was completed Jan wanted afternoon tea. Here is the tea time tray among the sawdust.

This is Pickwick tea we purchased from Erik Timmerman who delivers Dutch products every few weeks. We always enjoy our little bit of Holland but my question is, "Are the Dutch becoming too Americanized? I like labels in Dutch, this was the latest Pickwich tea and mostly in English. Kaneel is Dutch for Cinnamon, both words on the box but description was entirely in English. We've been buying Dutch Pickwick tea for 24 years and it's always been in Dutch if it's imported. This must be for export.

Moving forward, here is Jan, putting up the first long panel on one of the turrets. We cheered!

He liked this picture of him working and called himself the headless carpenter.

Cutting another panel of siding.

It looks quite different with siding going up.

 We had quite a mess at 3:30 and had no more siding to cut.

We quickly cleaned up and took off for the lumber yard to buy more siding.

The weather forecast is sunny for tomorrow. We shall see.

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