Saturday, November 22, 2014

Good Day for Garden Castle Shed

It was a good day, things went smoothly. We got more panels up and here is Jan working on the first roof section of the slant roof portion of the shed.

Waving from the roof. It was pretty exciting getting to this part.

At the end of the day most of the slant roof was in, still a small section at the right to go. Jan added the extra doorway header and sides. The project has gone through many changes from the September foam core model. Originally the plan was to be only 8 feet high with a small wall between and we were going to use reclaimed wood. Two small turrets would not have been much storage so the center was expanded to be a slant roof shed that was 6 feet at the back and the turrets would be 11 feet high. By then we realized we needed to use full panels. This is definitely a plan that grew and grew.

Now we realize the quick sketch will be different, only one long window for the front of the turrets and it will start about 34 inches up. The right turret will have two windows on the two open panels so I will have a window with a view to the yard. The final window decisions will not be made till the turret roofs are complete so I can see how it feels. I do not want a dark shed but also realize the more windows the less storage options.

Little mister evil eye gargoyle is waiting but not sure how patiently. Patience little guy, the roof paper and shingles on the slant roof will go up tomorrow if we don't get rain.

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