Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Four Steps Forward on the Garden Castle Shed

Success, we have a turret! It's Veteran's Day and we were able to work about 7 hours today. Finally we felt we had success on a very difficult part of building the garden castle shed. Sometimes sleeping on a problem solves the problem. I woke up thinking about the core and rafters and realized it is just a triangle from the center point and they should have a perpendicular cut.

Here are the first two rafters that fit fine on the core when it was laid it out.

They fit with no gap!

 And then there were 4 roof beams connected.

By then we had taken a lunch break and needed an afternoon cup of tea. I brought out a tray with tea pot covered with a tea cozy.

We celebrated the roof beams. Don't we look like the American Gothic painting? Almost.

As we started work on the turret we labeled things.

We kept going. 

The turret is taking shape.

Finally by 5 p.m. we had the turret beams up but it was too dark to get the roof up, this photo self corrected to look lighter than it really was, we had to stop for the day.

It is definitely looking like our plan and gargoyle will soon be doing his job.

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