Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Paris Cabinet Etsy Shop Featured

It's so nice to be featured! Last Thursday we had a big bump in our Paris Cabinet Etsy shop when an item was featured. Jan was busy making fairy doors and yesterday we got caught up on the orders.

Well, this morning the same item was featured and we've had twice as many sales today as last Thursday.

Here is the fairy door, topiary and believe sign that was featured in the email with other shops items.

Our shop has fairy doors in many colors but the teal/aqua/turquoise are the most popular color.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dancing by Solar Torch Light at the Garden Castle Shed

It was such a delightful view this evening that  hubby twirled me around this scene. We did a quick little dance by the new solar torch lighting.

The doors were given two coats of spar varnish today, hubby touched up the color differences so well you almost can't tell where they were pieced. Notice the solar lights, they do have a bit of a torch effect. I will still add some copper detail, not sure yet how that will be. For now they fit over dowels cut on a diagonal and screwed to the wall.

The desk has got to go! The threshold will be put in tomorrow.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Castle Shed Doors Are Up

What a month, haven't posted in so long. Finally, one of the most difficult things is nearly finished!

We have doors, not totally finished but they are up. They still need the rustic finish and the glass inserts.


Above was at the end of last week. Jan had a meltdown figuring it out. The doors are made of two layers of old fencing so there was a lot of piecing, you can see the different pieces.

This was earlier today when he was putting the hinges on.

One big happy smile this evening.