Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Photo Shoot at 17-Mile Drive Through Pebble Beach

In July we took Lisa and the boys to Carmel and the beach. Lisa loves the beach and sea, we just love anything in Carmel and the area.

She wanted their annual family Christmas photos taken at the beach, a little late, it was December 20. Joe had arrived from Texas the night before so we all went to where Lisa wanted, 17-Mile Drive, the scenic road through Pebble Beach on the Monterey peninsula. It is stunning.

Joe posed at Point Joe.

We were watching the photo shoot. They were wearing Gafton line shirts and hats. Football player, Kenny Wiggins, started the line with his high school friend. Kenny is married to Lisa's niece.

Jan snapped this photo with me carrying my favorite bright yellow umbrella I bought in Holland in 1990 for the gloomy drizzly days. I couldn't understand why most of the umbrellas people used were black, when I saw a rack of bright ones I picked sunny yellow.

Afterwards we had lunch at The Bench Restaurant at the Lodge at Pebble Beach.
Waiting for our table opa Jan saw the boys on their phones and wanted to join in for a shot. Isn't this typical of teenagers?

Lisa's shot of wine and menu.

After lunch Joe, Doug, Lisa and the boys went home and Jan and I went on to Carmel, can't miss it when we were so close.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fairy Land Christmas Tree

The chill is in the air and the wind is blowing so we are inviting all the fairies to come in and warm up.

A few days ago I asked hubby to make a flat Christmas tree to display many of his hand painted fairy doors are are so charming. There is a door for every style of fairy.

It's topped with the quilted star I made a few years ago.

Hubby's hand painted fairy doors are available for sale on our
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