Sunday, July 12, 2015

Carmel by the Sea, La Bicyclette and Tour de France

Daughter-in-law, Lisa, loves the beach and was disappointed a couple of weeks ago when we went to Hearst Castle and didn't have time at the beach.

Friday we made a day trip to Carmel. After a few stops we had to have lunch, Jan and I had planned to go to La Bicyclette at Dolores and 7th street. Lisa and the boys had never eaten there.

What a coincidence! Look at Lisa's shirt and the restaurant window display.

La Bicyclette is like a European cafe. This month the Tour de France is the highlight. Look at the 1920s photo of bikers, smoking and passing a cigarette.

It was very busy, we got to sit at the staff table in the back, great atmosphere with blackboard chalk walls, wood, chairs, and bread. Lisa, Davis, me and Reese.

 Smile, standing next to Jan, my Dutchman.

Isn't the table great? Would be nice to have a couple of similar tables for our back patio.

Lisa and I toasted the day with a sparkling wine, left out our designated driver.

The guys all had pizza from the wood burning oven. Lisa and I had the Tour de France special, stew with noodles. Reese took the photo, a budding photographer.

Lisa was in her glory at the beach, here showing some Bar Method poses.

Reese kept saying he didn't want to go to the beach, mom was thrilled when he got out there.

They dragged me in so finally pulled my pants legs up. What a gorgeous day it was!

Davis had the least fun, just wanted to go home and back to his computer.

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