Sunday, July 5, 2015

Crumpets and Tea

We spent the 4th of July poolside with family. After great hamburgers and fixings for dinner we had TV time with the grandsons.

Today was a quiet end to a holiday weekend. Hubby and I are sitting out after finishing up the last of the crumpets I made earlier today. I also made lemon curd.

Here it is after the sun went down, we had set the table.

Holes in crumpets have eluded me with many recipes. Today I tried a recipe by Titli Nihaan from her YouTube channel, The Bread Kitchen. She has a lovely British voice, watch her make them Here.

All set for crumpets and tea. Hubby poured tea from my latest English teapot.

 Yum yum! Loved the crumpets slathered in lemon curd.

Now all the solar lights have come on....

 ... and one candle. Time to say good night.

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