Monday, November 10, 2014

Castle Shed Two Step

We're doing the castle shed two step, two steps forward and one back. We've only been able to work on the project several hours. Things are just not going smoothly but we think we finally know what to do.

We realized we should have used a 4x4 to make the core since the measurement works out so why glue up layers of plywood like our last post.

Here Jan is testing a  4x4 with the blade at an angle to get the sides made.

We anxiously tried propping old garden sticks to see how the roof angle will be for the turret.

Here is the new 8 sided core that all 8 rafters will attach to for the turret roof. We struggled and struggled to get the rafters to fit. There must be a mathematical method but that is beyond our math skills so we experimented and things were not flush to the core as they should be. We cut two rafters that worked but then when they and the core were put up to screw into place they didn't seem to fit. We adjusted and tried again and again.

Finally I realized the core had to be off and here is the proof. A perfect paste up shows the wood core needed adjusting.

It was off on 4 sides, no wonder every time we put it down and picked it up again things didn't match up!

Today the core was filed to be accurate and tomorrow we should finally get a turret framed up!

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