Friday, November 7, 2014

Octagon Roof Block for Garden Castle Shed

We only had a little while to work on the shed today. Jan screwed down the rafters. I finished painting the exterior of the the back wall.

I made an octagon pattern for the roof center piece where the turret rafters will meet. I printed 5 and glued them to a piece of plywood scrap.

Jan sawed out the pieces and glued all 5 together. Tomorrow, when it has dried well, the eight sides will be sanded smooth.

This evening we were talking about the solar lights and how green they looked last night after painting the globes and lenses yellow. Jan thought of the color wheel and realized it was because the solar lights have a blueish white cast and blue and yellow make green so that solved that! We need to add orange instead to get a yellow cast that we prefer.

Doesn't look much different but three of the supports are now removed.

Tomorrow we start working on a turret! That will be the most exciting part so far.

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