Friday, November 14, 2014

Garden Castle Shed Turrets

It seemed like another two step dance today, two steps forward and one back. I'm getting so anxious to get the shed totally enclosed and roof on.

While Jan was setting up the tools I slapped a little paint on the back wall, the two left panels are white and the section behind the chair is a grayish putty color, didn't get a photo later in the day when the second coat was on. I wanted to test the colors. At this point the shed will be the pale gray and the windows and door frames probably a soft teal similar to the chair and basket.

We got the turret studs up today.

Piecing the shorter pieces of the turret was like putting together a difficult puzzle. The turret meets the slant roof and the short studs need to be supported to the rafters of the slant roof, we finally figured out how we would do that.

After dinner this evening we watched a couple of YouTube videos of Efteling, the fairytale park in the Netherlands that opened in 1952. I wanted to see it again and maybe be inspired by some of the fairytale scenes I remember when we visited in the early 1990s. It has expanded since we visited. The early designer of the park was Anton Pieck, the most famous Dutch illustrator of the 20th century. We have always loved his work.

While Jan is watching I movie I experimented with a piece of copper to make a finial for the top of the copper cap that will be on the pointed roofs of the turrets. I used my bezel mandrel to form the cone, still needs a little work and will be soldered closed. Maybe I will add a little copper flag that appears to be blowing in the wind, not sure yet.

The gargoyle is looking mean, he wants to have a finished shed to protect from evil demons!

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