Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Code Enforcement Checked on Castle Shed

Monday morning, by 11 a.m. a city building code inspector was at our door. Some neighbor didn't waste a minute to call, must have called at 8 a.m. to report us. The roof frame went up permanently on Saturday.

We invited the inspector in, I was confident we did not need a permit for the shed. He said someone walking by called about the the height of the roof. He measured the square footage and we are well below 120 square feet. He measured the height, it is 11 feet, a foot below the 12 foot high maximum.

The inspector asked if the base was treated wood, yes it is. He asked if we were adding electricity. I told him no, only solar lighting. We were very happy when he left. It is good knowing that we are okay and not violating any building codes.

Look at the gargoyle's scowl, he was not happy but the pot of yellow Johnny-Jump Ups that our neighbor Tracey brought us did cheer him up.

We worked a while today and put out a few things after cleaning up. Our Dutch shoes fit right in to our Dutch inspired shed.

And I couldn't resist putting out some solar lights. Don't you think we need a chandelier hanging in each turret? They will be solar.

We finished the back side of the second turret, put up the back side panels and back fascia today. I painted the back wall. Next we will do the smaller back turret panels so the slant roof can go on.

Here is our inspiration, the Koppelpoort water gate built in the 1400s in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Jan took the photo when we went back to visit in 2006, what a surprise during our midnight walk. The Dutch know lighting so well.

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