Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dutch Cursing the Drill, Building the Garden Castle Shed

There was a lot of Dutch cursing going on today. Jan had to drill and install a lot of screws to get the back panels up. The dependable Mikita cordless battery gave out so he had to use the Bosch and the speed control is so finicky, that's what caused all the cursing.

Jan is sawing off the top of the back panels.

Pouring out some exterior primer paint.

By 4 p.m. I had my afternoon treat, see my glass to the right of the painting tray.

Cleaning up.

Back wall is up and primed.

We couldn't wait to see how solar lights look so we taped one on each side of the door opening and a 10 lumen floodlight is down below shining up, you can barely see the light below. We tested painting the lense yellow but it looks like a greenish cast, may need to try a different shade to get a warm yellow effect instead of the bright white.

Close up of a light taped to the stud.

Tomorrow we will permanently attach the rafters so the temporary support boards can be removed and we start on a turret. Can't wait!

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