Monday, November 24, 2014

Roof Shingles on Garden Castle Shed

Building when you have no construction experience is hard work. We were exhausted on Saturday. We got up early Sunday morning and went to 8 a.m. church services with the intention of coming home to work on the shed.

We had a nice visit with friends at church then came home to make brunch. Working together we made our favorite dish, a sauteed combination of bacon, lots of onions and potatoes and cooked till browned. Scrambled eggs, homemade bread toast and orange marmalade finished up the brunch and we washed it down with Dutch coffee. As we finished eating we realized how achy we were and how quiet the neighborhood was. We decided not to disturb the peace and instead played Tri-Ominos before cleaning house and resting the rest of the day.

Back to work, here is Jan, on the lean-to part after rolling out the felt paper.

 I was on a low ladder at the back hammering in the nails to secure the felt paper.

By late afternoon Jan was working on the 5th row of shingles.

Jan tacked up three turret roof triangles to see how they fit. We will do the felt paper and shingle them individually before they are mounted permanently.

We're now starting to think of the windows and doors. We quickly cut out a cardboard window to get the effect, see the right turret. Not quite Gothic enough, needs to be more pointed.

This gives us a feel for the windows but we have decided the doors will be made first since the windows need to be in proportion and it's hard to decide if one long window or two smaller windows will look best for the design proportions.

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