Thursday, January 15, 2015

Where is the Rain? Garden Castle Shed Project

We're all asking, where is the rain? The valley needs more and lots more in the Sierra mountains to end the three year drought. Farmers need their full allotment for their crops, they feed the world and we appreciate them.

The morning heavy fog cleared up early and we spent a couple of hours in the afternoon working on the glorified shed. Jan did the bentwood strips for the door frame.

All the screws and the piecing will be covered by the outside trim when we get to that point. I kept dodging around him to the left side moving things around to paint the floor.

 The left side got a coat of paint, only one shelf is up and it needs paint.

Half my time was spent painting the outside back of the lean-to portion, the center part of the shed, not too exciting but necessary. It was the second coat. We still need to add trim to all corners. What do I see beyond the shed?

Lemons on the our lemon tree! Time to make lemon curd and old fashioned lemon pie that my son, Doug, has been craving.

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