Monday, January 26, 2015

Mushroom Fairy House and Workbench

Jan made the most adorable mushroom fairy house. I'll be posting it on the Paris Cabinet Etsy shop. It is so cute!

Jan has been working on prototype organizers, can't reveal them till they are all done. He's made six so far and I'm testing them for useability. Two of them were designed for ribbon storage, different from any we've seen and they work so well. Both are filled with my rolls of ribbon.

The latest organizer he made was for my tea station on the kitchen counter, just needs painting so I can test it out. I could use a lot of organizers, jewelry and shoes are a problem and nothing I've seen has been flexible enough.

Last year I bought this woodworking bench from Harbor Freight for our studio and have been using one end for some of my jewelry making. I've been wanting a hand tool woodworking area and finally rearranged the studio and added a couple more shelves close together for hand tools. The best part is I finally mounted the three diamond sharpening plates that the incredible hand woodworker, Paul Sellers, recommends. Now they are stable to sharpen blades.

Here are two of the tools we've purchased, I did a quick sharpening of the small block plane and spoke shave.

Here are the two planes, waiting for their turn to be sharpened, the older Stanley and a new Kobalt, it was inexpensive and looked like it was good quality. Still need to find a piece of leather to make a strop for the final mirror finish of blades.

Glorious little shavings. Something weird about a woman who enjoys wood shavings so much. These are from the spoke shave and small block plane.

The garden castle shed has not been totally neglected, it's too cold to work out there. With highs in the 50s we are being real wimps, spoiled, yes, I don't know how people live in very cold weather.

I did finish painting the floor. Bookkeeping and taxes are on our minds right now so time is being juggled between many things.

The floor will have more done to it, in time. The drawer handles are looking brown, rust working its way through the paint, they will need to be worked on soon. 

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