Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fog Lifted on Garden Castle Shed

The fog lifted today and the sun came out about two so we dashed out to work a couple of hours. After all these years with my Dutchman I've picked up some of the habits. I remember when we lived in Holland the three years. When the sun comes out by afternoon everyone drops what they are doing to go sit out in the sun a while.

I cleaned off a few pieces of barn wood and a turned piece we picked up in September.

The painting station in the turret is fun to work in, here I've got my paint washes for some of the wood. The log got a coat of clear varnish to protect the bark from flaking, I have plans for several logs.

More painting and that is my paper mache supplies on the left.

Jan is working on the entrance wall. We decided it needed to be solid for the door framing. He put in lots of pieces that go almost to the edge.

Now it's ready for the bending plywood strips for the door frame edges and the inside entrance wall. The ceiling will be insulated but not the rest of the walls, it is a shed after all.

I told Jan the front wall looks like it has chicken pox with all those screws! I'll be filling them in and painting them.

I wrote out my question on the blackboard after the post was paint washed.

These paint washed pieces will be signs.

Finally, here are some great buys from last weekend's swap meet, $1 each for the saw, chisel and file with the nice turned handle and $2 each for the Irwin clamp and coping saw.

A little cleaning and sharpening the chisel will get these tools in working order. Now I need a little rolling tool chest and hand wood working station.

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