Sunday, January 4, 2015

Display Ladder for Garden Castle Shed

We spent some time today working on projects for the garden castle shed. Jan worked on the window frames but I didn't get any photos of the glued frames. I worked on a display ladder. It's standing in front of the desk, still damp paint. It will have large storage pockets hanging from the four top rungs.

Here is my little saw we picked up a few weeks back at the swap meet. I sawed a couple of six inch wide boards for a shelf. It's surprising how easy it worked, did have to angle it down when it hit the braced back.

Here is the first shelf on the left side of the shed, simply made of recycled wood.

Now that the holidays are over and decorations are put away we should have some time to get back to our shed project. I can't wait to have windows and doors!

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