Monday, January 5, 2015

Garden Castle Shed Turret Roof Caps

I was this close to cutting out the copper pattern for the roof caps, see my fingers a hair apart?  It just didn't feel right.

Earlier today Jan climbed the ladder to put up my card stock sample of the turret cap. It looks mighty small and I was standing on a two step ladder to take this photo.

So this evening I made the cardboard sample a little taller, the one on the right is 3/4 inch taller. I keep thinking this is a shed, it shouldn't matter but darn, it does!

It is still too small and the cap portion needs to be larger and maybe with a scallop bottom.

So back to the drawing board to enlarge the cap pattern.



This is more like it! Tomorrow we will see how it looks and if the proportion is right.

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