Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Happy Gargoyle Protects Garden Castle Shed

The little gargoyle is happy on a perch though it is just a test. He won't be pleased until he has a permanent perch high atop the garden castle shed.

 Our neighbor, Chris, gave me two very nice metal decorative sconce shelves. They were a light brown metal which I dry brushed with some paint for a different effect. 

It is so nice having a painting station in the shed!

First thing in the morning Jan got on the roof to see how the latest card stock finial looks. It is better but still not sure. What do you think? Hmmm, maybe the scallops should come down just a little lower and the flag just a tiny bit larger.

By early afternoon we went out to work on the shed. I've got my painting clothes on to get as sloppy as I want. The weather warmed up nicely till the sun set.

Another step is done, the outside window frames are up, still need to make the actual windows and then the door.

The sconce shelves are up and I slipped a solar light into each for now, still have to find lights with a warm glow.

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