Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tea Time for the Christmas Scene

We've been watching the "granddogs," 3 rat terriers over the holiday weekend. It has slowed down progress on our Christmas scene. They go home tomorrow afternoon, yeahhh! They're good dogs but it's all different, got to watch them.

I did start Davre's Christmas dress. She will be serving tea to her great uncle Douggles when he visits her in the Christmas scene so she needs a pretty dress.

In front are the small tea cups and saucers Davre will use. Her teapot is on the right with a warming light. On the left are a full size tea cup and saucer and teapot for comparison.

Davre doesn't bake so I purchased something appropriate for a monkey to serve her gorilla uncle, think animals.

Our new blog still has no subscribers or comments. I still haven't announced the blog, want to be sure we will meet our deadline to get the scene finished by Thanksgiving weekend.

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