Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas Tree and Fireplace

Hubby and I went to Designer Flower Center to look for a small 18 to 24 inch artificial Christmas tree for the scene we are working on, see entry for October 30, several days ago.

I didn't care for the trees they had, proportion of size of needles to size of tree was too big but I found some sprigs that I liked to put together as a tree. At left is one of the sprigs separated. After quite a bit of time trying to make a nice looking little tree I gave up, will have to let it rest and come back to it.

Jan did amazing work painting the bricks on the fireplace parts.

And here he is positioning pieces together to see how they look. Amazing! I will do the wood finishing.

Here is the living room again, with the fireplace. I have two small plates similar to the ones on the fireplace and we found a small rug at Walmart that has the look of an antique rug like, just needs some fringe added.

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