Monday, November 18, 2013

Davree's Cottage and Grumpy Hubby

This morning I have wife's remorse. What a big job I asked my hubby to do and it has been very difficult for him. He's always made simple projects but then I ask for something so complicated. It's also been hard for him because he's building my vision not his. He's such a good sport, I am truly blessed to have such a supportive husband.

Yesterday I was able to work with him and painted the floor and a couple of walls. I helped hold the flexible roof sheathing in place for him to nail down. It now looks like a cottage!

I asked for a photo to post with the roof sheathing in place. When I looked at the photo on the computer screen I saw a grumpy looking guy with his eyes pinched together.

Retake photo, now he doesn't look tortured! The cottage still needs outside walls, windows, door, back walls, eyebrow window, roof shingles and trims.


Jan has been an architectural illustrator since 1986 and is amazing at making a 2 dimensional painting look 3-dimensional so he thinks more 2-dimensional. I, on the other hand, have always worked in 3 dimensions and I think that way.

Working together Sunday and today has been easier. Here is the start of the eyebrow window that will be in the roof. Here is the front frame taped in place to calculate the supporting bracing.

Here you can see the rug and fireplace in place just to see how they look. Cute! The fireplace still needs a hearth and the back chimney.

Late at night I work on little projects that will go inside, like Davree's fairy friend that has her own door to enter at any time. The little fairy is coming along, she's got glitz. Stay tuned for progress and more photos.

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