Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The fireplace

It's exciting to see a few things come together for the miniature Christmas house. I took them outdoors to my photo table to see how they look together. 

Jan thought the painting he did of the Kamperbinnenpoort was appropriate and I think the subject is perfect but it's a little too large, makes the fireplace look really small but I'll reduce it to make a smaller print that will be just right. The plates are good and there will be a mantle clock, this afternoon I did the drawing to make it.

The fireplace opening is square, the way the original was but looks too small so after photographing this I asked Jan to remove the center piece so it's the curved opening, looks much better, no photo yet. It will also have more room for the fire that will be created. Radio Shack has a tiny fan to use for the billowing fabric for the fire.

The Kamperbinnenpoort painting is listed on our Paris Cabinet Etsy shop. It is the side view of the Kamperbinnenpoort water gate in the city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands, commonly called Holland. This view was when we came around the corner from where we lived on the street Achter de Kamp. The water gate is the only one remaining from the first city wall from the 1200s, rebuilt over the years. Jan added people and a typical Dutch bike. It's an adorable little painting.

Jan built the base and added the floor to start the house today. Maybe tomorrow he can get a couple of back walls up and I can show the next bit of progress. A couple of neighbors came by to see what he was up to. We will be announcing soon.

If you want to see the start of the project go back in the blog a few days to October 30.

Don't forget, first person who follows this blog and makes a comment wins the giveaway. I hope it is soon but haven't announced this blog to anyone yet.

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