Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Davree has a house!

Davree has a house! Still needs the scalloped roof shingles and lots of detailing but things have come together! Here is Jan with the house, looks like a scowl but he's really sweet, that hubby of mine. Want to have a peek in the house?

Here is a peek through one end, from the top eyebrow shaped window. You can see the beams and on the left the top of the red door. The roof was not in the correct position, will be adjusted tomorrow and we will probably have some crown molding.

Now looking down you see the incredible fireplace and hearth that Jan made and painted. This is exciting! I can hardly wait to put in the rug, mantel items, pictures, lights, Christmas tree, and tea time scene. Davree, the Build A Bear monkey, will be in her pretty new dress serving her great uncle Douggles tea and cookies. You can see them in earlier blog entries.

This photo was taken from the front eyebrow window in the roof, just the right height for adults to look in.

And this view is from the front window. There will be a fire in the fireplace, a very safe fire. The windows will have diamond panes, they will look like a very quaint cottage.

Coming Soon!

Visit Davree's Cottage Christmas Scene 
Bring your children and their teddy bears or favorite animals and take photos with them visiting 
Davree's Cottage.

Location in Fresno and evening hours to be posted by Friday evening, November 29.

November 30 till December 31, 2013

Fresno, California

For more information Call Donna at 559 355-3080

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