Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hubby Needs a Drill

Davree's Cottage is taking much longer than expected! What a great hubby to build this for me. This evening I'm hearing all the struggles about having only one old drill.

He has to keep changing bits, first to drill a hole for a screw, then a smaller hole farther in with a smaller bit for the entry threads, then change to countersink bit, then change to the Phillip's head screw bit and back again a couple of screws at a time to line up. The worst part is the Mikita drill is very old with the old style chuck key. Can we say "guilt?" I think he deserves a drill for Christmas, he's almost done with the building part of this project so it's too late now. This evening he tells me his drilling struggles! We've been to Home Depot a few times and no mention then, what a trouper!

Jan started early this morning after breakfast and then I went out to start the scalloped shingles for the roof about 11. We worked till about 4 p.m. in the warm sun and totally forgot to have lunch.

Here is my method for making the scalloped shingles. The red chalk pen worked great marking the back of the asphalt sheeting. I used a pair of Fiskar upholstery scissors and used a 3 1/4 inch template to make the scallops. You can see the pink chalk marks on the back and scraps.

 Here are 7 rows lined up on the table and now I have a good blister but my biggest complaint was.......

  My newly manicured hands were dirty......

and my nails a mess with black marks but surprisingly it all washed off and no chipped nails, happy me.

 Here is Davree's Cottage, still not looking like it's much farther along but it really is. All the window frames are done, just tacked in place till the exterior and window trims are painted. The plexiglass windows will have diamond window panes, so quaint, can hardly wait.

We end with an interior item I made this week, Davree's little friend, a fairy who will be flying near the rafters. She needs a name, any suggestions?

Coming Soon

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Thanksgiving weekend till December 31, 2013

Fresno, California
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