Friday, December 5, 2014

Celebrating Dutchman at the Garden Castle Shed

The Dutchman is celebrating. It was a spontaneous pose when he saw me with the camera, what a ham!

We really wanted to get the crenallations completed today but the double layer is glued for 24 hours. Tomorrow it will be installed and our garden castle shed will look more like a castle. At least now the walls are all in with the window and door cut outs.

Notice the little orange dots on the left, those are mandarins on our little tree. The shed looks very plain at the moment, still need the windows, door and trims, light sconces, stonework at the bottom, and lots of finishing work.

Our gargoyle needs a perch so he can start his job of keeping away the evil spirits. See you tomorrow when the crenellations are finished.

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