Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stormageddon? California Storm at Garden Castle Shed?

For two days the weather forecast has been telling us we are going to get the biggest storm in years. We jumped out of bed early because we were warned about high winds so Jan decided to take down the two canvas awnings we have out front. I love our awnings and the front now looks so bare.

We dashed off to Fresno Ag for sealant for the gaps between the roof sections.

Jan grew up in Holland, when they get storms they can be big but this is Fresno, storms tend to go around us. As much as we need and want the rain I think it will not be bad. This morning the warning was for 45 mile an hour winds.

So, Jan decided to board up the window openings and will barricade the door opening. Here he is at 3 p.m., working on the sealant. Not a tree is moving.

Will we get the storm? Gray skies, yes but I am one of the deniers about a huge storm in Fresno.

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