Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gothic Windows on Garden Castle Shed

We had a couple of melt downs earlier in the week. The challenges have made me question my sanity in tackling a project like this because we have no construction experience, it is such an unusual project and the escalating cost.

An 8x4 foot shed from Lowe's is only $397 and they say it can be assembled in a weekend. I would be miserable having a simple shed like this!

Tuesday morning we had rain and decided to work on the panels inside. The 8 foot long plywood table top was still set up from Thanksgiving, the perfect working place for the triangle roof panels. Our Paris Cabinet is in the background and the big box of Mule-Hide roofing with a self-sticking back.

The roofing is to be applied with pressure. Looks like Jan is rolling out roof pizza pieces.

Finally Jan got to install the roof panels for one turret this morning. It was gorgeous and sunny for a couple of hours.

Since cutting the arch for the front I've been uneasy, it just didn't seem right. I wanted a Gothic arch door and windows. In the middle of the night I woke up and realized I needed to figure it out before we went any further. I started an internet search on Gothic windows and soon discovered that they are based on an equilateral triangle.

I did cardboard templates for the doorway and window, ahhhh, I think that's it. Doorway template does need to come down a little, here is a photo after gray skies came back.

 Jan has the left turret roof pieces prepared, ready to go on tomorrow. We have now decided what to use for the roof trim to seal the sections. We want the look of the original water gate.

 We're also planning the base, needs to look like stonework. Oh! The crenellations, that will make it look more like the Koppelpoort watergate or a castle, that is next after the roof.

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