Thursday, December 4, 2014

Full Moon Over the Garden Castle Shed

We had a full moon over the garden castle shed this evening. The solar lights came on, still need to mount them permanently. Inside there are two lights, the solar panel is mounted to the right where it gets some light during the day but not enough, the lights only stayed on about 3 hours.

Wall mounted solar lights on either side of the door are a must, just haven't found any suitable yet.

Oh, how I want everything done! We are a step closer.

We have both turret roofs up. The door shape has been redone, we had to piece the sides. That will be covered when we frame the finished door.

Tomorrow the window shapes will be completed and maybe the crenellations.

Jan made up several simple ladders for me to organize the shelves and hearts that we have listed on our Etsy shop. I designed them to be moveable and will hang or stand. It will be nice to get things out of the house and organized in the shed.

There is a plan for the floor but it may be a couple of weeks before I can get to it.

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