Sunday, December 21, 2014

Calm Before Christmas and Woods & Sons English Scenery Blue Teapot

A glass of wine after dinner set the calm before Christmas this evening. The Paris cabinet in the background sets the mood for our old world feeling dining room. The atmosphere, lighting and Jan's paintings soothe my soul as I sit at my laptop to blog.

Jan and I don't buy each other Christmas gifts any more, we usually buy something we agree on together, like the tools we've picked up. As you get older in life and comfortable then presents aren't necessary for each other. We are content, that is a gift in itself that we are so thankful for.

My teapot wall has a new addition, I guess it should have been wrapped but I would rather enjoy it now. I found it on Etsy, it is probably from the 1920s, a Woods & Sons English Scenery in blue.

That's Mr. Frog on the floor, he needs a Santa hat before Christmas Eve. There are three teapot friends of his on the third shelf down, Mrs. Toad, Miss Elephant and Giraffe.

The new teapot is lovely, it does have a flaw that was mentioned in the listing but I can live with it. It would have cost four times more if it had not had the flaw under the front rim.

There are two more teapots I'm looking for to make my collection complete.

The calm will be over in the morning and the last three days before Christmas will be a frenzy of wrapping gifts, finishing a couple of items and lots of cooking and baking.

Merry Christmas to all!

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