Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rockery, Decomposed Granite and a Gargoyle for the Castle Shed

It was early afternoon today before we had a chance to get back to the Castle Shed project. We realized we need more than a few bags of rock base from Home Depot.

Off we went to Rosenbalm Rockery about 15 minutes away. A helpful young man helped us and explained the different base choices and flagstones and rocks. I asked him if he would pose for a photo while he weighed the slate stones we picked.

We chose a gray decomposed granite for our base since it packs so well, two tons will be delivered tomorrow.

Here are a few slate pieces we picked out for the front stepping stone detailing.

And then! 

We walked around to see all the garden items. 
Here is a peek at the claws of.......

.....a gargoyle that stole my heart. 

Isn't he adorable? He's just the right size for our garden castle shed. In medieval times gargoyles were placed atop cathedrals and other important buildings to ward off evil. Our little guy will ward off anything that will put our garden fairies in danger.

Do you have an idea for his name?

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