Monday, September 29, 2014

Castle Shed Turret Base

Jan finished the second turret base on Sunday afternoon before we went to the kids' for an early family dinner. Doug sure knows how to make a good steak!

Jan is Dutch for John, pronounced yan. So confusing, just think of the old song, "A Boy Named Sue."

The octagon turret base is made with 4x4 and 2x4 treated wood, held together with metal hangars and plates.

 Here he is bending one of the metal plates to the correct angle.


While Jan was working I made a strawberry pizza to take to dinner for dessert. They are so gooooood! I hadn't made one in many years because the old recipe calls for Danish Dessert which has been impossible to find. In August I researched recipes for a strawberry glaze to substitute and tried several and tweaked till I was pleased.

Well, I meant to take photos of the steps and the finished dessert but forgot!
It takes flour, butter and sugar for the shortbread crust, Philadelphia cream cheese and Cool Whip for the creamy layer.

The topping is sliced fresh strawberries in a strawberry glaze.

Next time I'll take pictures and post the recipe. 

Have you ever had a good home made strawberry pizza?

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