Sunday, September 28, 2014

Castle Shed Model Got Wet! Stuffed French Toast for a Hungry Man

Saturday was a cool sunny day, unusual for Fresno in late September, it's usually still very warm. It was a perfect day to work on the yard building.

I keep thinking about a name, it needs a name. My vision is that it reminds one of a castle but it's not much more than a fancy shaped shed, it's to be more of a shabby mini castle shed where I can arrange, photograph, display and have fun with so many things that I've had stashed away and also for Jan's wonderful hand painted fairy doors and other things he has made. They can be seen at our Paris Cabinet Etsy shop.

So, here is my sweetie, working so hard to please me and make my dream shed, got to love a man like that! In the foreground is a tool box he made last year.

He set up saw horses to hold the second turret base he was working on and the miter saw. On went the safety goggles.

Soon it was dusk and I suggested moving the saw and tools to the patio in case there is a little dew in the morning. Well, it rarely rains in Fresno in September and no rain predicted but this is what it looked like in the morning.

Rain! I didn't bring in the model so it was wet, everything was wet except what had been brought in to the patio. We didn't have a downpour, you can still see a dry spot under the black saw horses.

Wet tools are not a good thing, we quickly dried them and I decided my man needed a yummy breakfast.

Stuffed French Toast

 On sour dough bread spread soft cream cheese on one piece and orange marmalade on the other, put them together like a sandwich.

Beat 2 eggs, a dash of salt and a little over 1/2 cup of milk, pour into a flat dish or pan big enough to hold both sandwiches. Lay them into the egg and milk mixture, let it soak a minute.

 Flip over so the other side will soak up mixture.

Warm up a grill to medium heat. Flip again if necessary, when the stuffed French toast has absorbed all the liquid it is time to toast.

Butter the grill, put the sandwiches on the grill, add dabs of butter on top so when it's flipped over there is a little butter on the other side.

Looking good, toasty toasty.

Ready to serve, the sour dough bread is large slices, takes up most of the dinner plate.

Side view so you can see bits of cream cheese.

The Dutchman likes his with a Dutch syrup called stroop.

 I prefer mine the American way, with maple syrup.

Enjoy!    ......and back to the shed project, the sun is out.

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