Monday, September 22, 2014

Free Pallets & Wood

Saturday evening I emailed a person on Craigslist who had free wood and pallets. Sunday morning he sent a text message with the location, a 45 minute drive from our home. Jan quickly took the seats out of the van and grabbed his gloves, hammer and crow bar and off we went.

Sad thing is the man told us the wood was on the property that had belonged to his mother. His mother and sister were killed by a drunk driver a couple of months ago while they were on their way to a wedding. The property needs to be cleared so they can sell to pay off debt.

Jan is scavenging next to the big stack of old stakes.

 Some of the pallets we brought back.....

....and some of the stakes and one turned piece.

This morning Jan spent some time taking apart the pallets, no easy job! The worst part was much of the wood has deteriorated too much. We wish we had more old fencing.

I'm looking forward to starting the garden shed.

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