Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mother Lode of Old Fencing

Today we struck the mother lode of old fencing! At 9 a.m. I had an email from someone who saw our three week old Craigslist request for old fencing.

It was a little disappointing, a pile of junk and some wood. Here is Jan with the morning batch of wood.

Then in the afternoon we had a call from our friend Mike of "Mike's Garage Doors." He had just passed a house with a large stack of fence wood and sign "Free Wood" and it was only a few blocks from us.

 So, here is the second load of the day. There was lots more but things are getting out of hand in the back yard.

As soon as we got back we did some organizing of wood. Jan still done the roof on the lean-to shed.

The old potting table went back into use for now.

Removing nails from boards....

...had to get the back view of one of his favorite t-shirts.

The stack of fencing wood good enough for the siding for the garden castle shed is building up.

Here is a better shot of the fold formed copper piece I made and posted last night.

Any ideas or suggestions? Lisa?

Oh, keep Mike's phone number handy if you need a repair or new garage door, 259-8340. Thanks, Mike!

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