Sunday, October 5, 2014

iPhone Plus Pocket Problem Solved in Amsterdam

The Dutch are ingenious at their advertising, I saw that over and over when we lived in the Netherlands.

The new iPhone Plus has caused many problems with small pockets. KPN, a Dutch communication company has a very clever fix in the land of bicycles and windwinds.

Bakfiets is the old Dutch version of a pickup truck, you see them used cleverly. I remember one on display in front of a bicycle shop in Amersfoort.

Here is a photo from the short video at 5:30 a.m. in Amsterdam, people standing in line for their iPhone Plus and a bakfiets tailor comes to the rescue.

Watch the minute long video here: Pocket Fix

We laughed and watched the video over and over to see all the details, the people,  Amsterdam views, how the tailor did the repairs, the people in white robes as their pockets were enlarged and the hand crank sewing machine. It was right up my alley since I have a few wonderful old hand crank and treadle machines.

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