Sunday, October 5, 2014

Garden Castle Shed on Hold

The garden castle shed is on hold for several days till Jan gets wood organized. He's collected a lot of scrap wood and some pallets and it's getting out of hand.

Pallets are difficult to take apart. After some research he learned a reciprocating saw is the best thing to cut through the nails quickly. Here he is with his new saw he purchased on Saturday. He worked all afternoon and until dusk and came in raving about how much easier it is to take them apart.

Here is the wood he's accumulated so he wants to build a lean-to shed on the side of the house for storing long wood and a couple of dismantling  tables with storage under them for shorter pieces of wood. He's moving everything to the fence side.

....and contemplating what to do.

The old potting table on its side in front.

The weather is hot, 90 degrees F. when I took these photos and 97 high expected on this day in October. He's going to get started early in the morning when it's cool.

I can't wait for him to get back to the garden castle shed project, sigh. A woman's got to be patient. In the mean time he doesn't know that while he was out moving wood, he didn't want my help, I made a batch of brownies for a well deserved treat.

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