Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Evening sky and little goat's feet!

This was the sky a couple of nights ago. Jan called me out to see and I took a couple of photos from our driveway, no Photoshop or any adjustments in color, it was gorgeous!

Last night our friends Bill and Kaye brought two friends to see Davree's Christmas Cottage. They were enchanted and loved it. It's funny how grown ups can have so much fun and they were encouraging me to build another and another. For sure Davree's cottage will be decorated for Valentine's Day week.

Every few weeks we get a visit from a Dutch products vendor. Erik Timmerman drives up from southern California on a route to sell imported Dutch food. We are so hooked on our Dutch coffee, we stock up to last till his next visit. He stopped by yesterday and we stocked up on a few extra treats.

After dinner this evening Jan pulled out a package of goodies. I've had these a few times over the years but never knew their name, bokkepootjes, translates to little goat's feet.

I've always liked little goats, ever since I was pregnant with my son Doug. I took Joe to a petting zoo and was wearing a green plaid maternity dress. One adorable little goat kept following me all around nibbling on the hem of my dress. This evening I nibbled a tasty little goat's foot. 

Tomorrow I will show you a couple of other Dutch tasty treats. 

I'm going to be making gluhwhein to have on hand the last few days for any adult friends and neighbors that visit Davree's Christmas Cottage. Hope to see you! For more information see the Visit Davree's Cottage page.

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