Thursday, December 5, 2013

Davree's Cottage Christmas Scene and Tea with Douggles the Gorilla

The scene is out now till December 31 for visits from 6 to 9 p.m. Here are several photos, more to come.

Great Uncle Douggles' eyes are sparkling, he was so happy to be invited to tea by Davree. She's happy with her new Christmas dress made of ribbon from Costco. What is she serving? Yum yum, those animal cookies are so good.

The teapot and warming stand was purchased when we lived in Holland. I believe it is actually a little pot for hot water to be kept warm with a candle and to add to strong tea to weaken it. Davree has safe LED candles.

Above, between Douggles and Davree, you see a small print of The Tuck Box, original painted by my hubby. The Tuck Box is on Dolores street in Carmel, California and has been a tea shop for many years. Prints, 8x10 inches, are available, see Shop Paris Cabinet link.

The fireplace is flickering and doggies are warming their little rears and Davree's reindeer pet is happy to be indoors. The print above the fireplace is a make believe snow scene of the Fresno water tower that Jan painted a few years ago as a Christmas card for us. Prints are available, see shop link.

The fireplace is painted brick and the hearth is also painted. It is a replica of the fireplace in my hubby's childhood home in Holland, photo below.

Go to "Visit Davree's Cottage" page for details of where and when to visit during the Christmas season in Fresno, California.

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  1. This is just so, so charming! And I love knowing that the fireplace is a replica of the one in your husband's childhood home. Also, I have heard of that Tuck Box tea shop before so I love that you have artwork of it hanging here!