Monday, August 24, 2015

Making a Medieval Table

For weeks I've been wanting a small table for my castle shed. I'm so happy to be rid of the white desk that was in the center, the style just didn't fit. I've been dreaming of a small rustic medieval style table, of course what is medieval and not too difficult so it can be done quickly. The time came several days ago when Jan had free time so I twitched my nose and rubbed my genie teapot. Voila!

It is made of reclaimed wood. The plan was to use a corbel pattern we made months ago. Jan cut all the corbels from a long thick piece of lumber that was warped and had cracks. The center is a used 4x4. The assembly had to be with a flat base that had to be notched so the cross pieces would be stable.

Testing the size, notice front piece is charmingly crooked.

The top corbels were smaller, lots of cracks.

The table top was make from two layers of old fencing, glued, screwed together and clamped. The top is only 22 x 26 inches finished, just big enough for tea for two.

Look at all those screws! Hubby, the genie, is ready to chop the top to the correct height.

Now it's ready for me.

I had a can of dark walnut Howard Restor-a-Finish. There was no finish to restore, I just used it like a stain. 

Messy messy job.

Almost done.

Dirty and sweaty but had to test it. I wanted it lower than a standard table so I can write on my lap top. It's 27 inches high.

By the time the solar lights came on my genie was pooped, he had showered and crashed on the sofa. I had to take one last photo.

Guess where I will be at 6 a.m. with my laptop and a cup of tea.

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