Monday, August 3, 2015

Garden Castle Solar Lights and Shelves

Little by little as we have time another project is planned or completed for the garden castle shed. The solar lights that have a slight torch look still need a decorative element that will be made of copper.

One day last week I pulled out yellow paper, pencil and scissors to create a paper pattern. Idea after idea and cut out after cut out just wasn't right. After idea number three I started numbering the paper patterns and made nine patterns. It was number eight that looks the best, here it is just taped to the wall.

Hubby got to work on shelves for the right side.

The recycled fencing shelves got a white washing with a mix of paint, water and carpenter's chalk dust.

Simple shelves are easy to move if things change, they just rest on the supports. As quickly as they dried they were loaded, to be organized later.

The white desk was moved out, couldn't stand the sticky drawers and just didn't want to deal with it. The plan is to have a small table that mounts to the studs, it will also be made of recycled fencing like the shelves and doors.

By evening, when the solar lights come on there is a nice glow. We still have many things to do, a shield like the Amersfoort water gate, maybe flags and it will need two gargoyles to match, he looks too lonely on the left all alone.


  1. Oh my, I have never seen such talent to make this! This is amazing and so creative!

    1. My dreamer shed, so much fun to have an interesting place to store things and the right turret for painting projects. Thank you.