Monday, August 17, 2015

Lions Hold Coat of Arms and Crown Over Castle Shed

Amersfoort has a city emblem of lions holding the coat of arms and crown. My castle shed, inspired by the medieval city needed the same emblem. 

Left is a photo of the actual emblem on the Koppelpoort, water gate, it is about 2 to 3 feet wide. On the right is the drawing that hubby did to make it ten inches tall, in scale for our shed.

The crown is done in metallic gold paint.

 Wow! I love how it's coming out.

Still a little more to go.

All done and it's a fabulous little piece. We especially liked it sitting in a bookcase in the living room.

Here it is mounted above the door. It's made to fit the space but how I wish it was bigger. I put the bug in hubby's ear that if he made a larger one for the shed this one can go in the bookcase. Think he'll go for it?

Coat of arms now available at our Etsy shop here.

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