Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tea with Scones & Lemon Curd

The table and chairs looked so inviting in front of the garden castle shed on Saturday that I decided we should have tea, scones and lemon curd for lunch while there was still shade.

The sheer table cloth has a home in the shed so it's easy to spread it on the purple table and it's all set for a quick tea time.

The lemon curd is home made from earlier in the week, I blended some cream cheese, sour cream and touch of powdered sugar for a little mock Devonshire cream to go along with the currant scones.

The teacups and saucers are perfect for a little Easter weekend tea, sunny yellow with pops of color.

The Myott shield on the back reminds me that we still want to make the Amersfoort city shield for our castle shed.

It's pretty special, here it is on the Koppelpoort, a medieval gate in the Dutch town of Amersfoort.


  1. What a lovely tea time. Your scones are wonderful and your teacups!

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