Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Scrubbing Potatoes at the Castle Shed

Is that potatoes my guy is scrubbing? We've spent a couple of busy days at the castle shed. While he was scrubbing I was painting our second table and more chairs.

Oh, they are not potatoes! For now the rocks are just arranged abound the base. Later we will set them in mortar.

We're having a small group of friends on Friday so we've been planning the seating for nine. I had hubby bring out the eight foot top we use over our dining room table. Usually I cover it with a table cloth but decided for a casual outdoor dinner I didn't want to use a table cloth. Here it is with a primer coat.

 By the end of the painting session I was turning green.

That's a bright green table! Not sure if it will stay that way but for now I do like it. Will do a reveal in the next post.

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