Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Roses and Fairy Doors at the Castle Shed

It's full springtime! We have a couple of rose bushes tucked along the edge of the yard. The yellow rose is so fragrant, they should all be so.

A couple of weeks ago Jan made a large custom order of doors and windows. It was for a lady in Atlanta for a large tree in her front yard and some for gifts. 

They have three coats of UV varnish to be suitable for the outdoors. Above are a few more he made for the Paris Cabinet Etsy shop. The doors for outdoors are thicker and have a sawtooth hanger on the back to hang on a small nail. The shop section where they are available is Here.

My favorite is the lavender door with a touch of shimmering gold on the window, really makes it look like light coming through. Hubby is so talented at painting these incredible little doors.

We have had tea and meals in front of the garden shed and have really enjoyed it.

We still have much to do to finish the garden shed. Oh, it's calling me for tea!

The Paris Cabinet Etsy shop's home page is Here.

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