Saturday, February 20, 2016

Painted Paper for Castle Shed Chandelier

Late in the afternoon one day this week I went out to paint crumpled paper for the paper mache chandelier for my castle shed. Here they are pinned to a line to dry in the shed.

 Closeup of a pink sheet. You never know where paint flows in all the creases.

The next afternoon I went down the rabbit hole again and made paper tassels for the chandelier.

Some of the teal painted paper was cut, glued and twisted to add to the paper mache chandelier that was painted in a metallic gold paint.

By the third afternoon I had added more tassels and paper cord. Now I have to decide what to do for the candles. I really want solar powered wired candles with the panel outside so when it is dusk the chandelier candles light automatically like the spotlights do but I don't believe there are solar candles like that, yet. Hmmm, now if I knew more about wiring solar lights I may be able to figure it out but I just want this finished and hanging above my work space in the turret.

For the other turret there must be a dragon. Have you seen the dragons by the front door in the Downton Abbey series? They may be the inspiration for my turret dragon. Here is a screen shot from one of the videos on filming the series, hairy bare legs and white gym shoes would never be on Downton Abbey!

I've made a couple of paper mache dragons in the past, the one for my castle shed needs to be different. Any ideas?

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