Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Valentine Table for the Castle Shed

A few days before Valentine's Day I had my glass of wine out in the shed working on the paper mache chandelier and thought I would ask hubby to make me a new table that is similar to the little one in the shed that he made.

I'm ok with not receiving jewelry, flowers or candy for Valentine's day. I would rather have something he makes, a painting or this year a table!

Here he is dismantling an old box that came from a farm, I wanted the sides for the table top.

Dirt and rusty nails all over the place.

The under side of table top.

Final assembly.

Now in place and we had a full moon peaking through the bare branches over the castle shed. All the lighting is solar.

Then it was my job to paint it, I wanted the base to have a creamy whitewashed look.

Now in place I have another honey-do. "Honey, it needs benches or chairs that fit the scene and now that the coldest part of the year is over the flagstone is looking bad, needs a good scrubbing."

".... and after that we need to set the stones in mortar around the base of the shed, we didn't get to that last year."

It's always something. ;)

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