Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jones Serpentine Hand Crank Machine Base and Labor Day Weekend

What a gorgeous labor day weekend already. Last night we had a TGIF taco night for five neighbors that came over. There is nothing like a good soft taco, a little beer or wine, music in the background and friends you enjoy.

This afternoon we took a bike ride and now I'm sitting at the medieval table in my castle shed with the doors open and the sun setting. It's 84 degrees with only 20% humidity, very nice.

A few years ago I purchased a Jones Serpentine hand crank sewing machine, from about the year 1890. Some people call it the cat back. The feet have holes in the bottom and hubby made me a base with dowels to hold it in place. It's been unfinished wood for too long so I primed it a couple of days ago and will be adding a little teal color to the base so it won't be such a harsh contrast from the black sewing machine to white.

I grabbed a couple of containers with some mixed paint, one was green, the other blue. With a stir stick I pulled out a little of each into a small pie pan I use for mixing small amounts of paint. 

Since the paint has a little carpenter's chalk in it the drying time is about 10 minutes in the nice low humidity weather. The south turret where my painting station is at is perfect for afternoon projects with a little sun still coming in through the screens.

Quick as a snap it dried and I put the machine back in place, each foot over the protruding dowels.

Here it sits on my new medieval table before taking it back into the house.

The shadows are getting deeper.

Soon the solar lights inside the castle shed will come on and a little later the torch lights. Haven't made the light fixtures yet, sigh. Still lots to do but it has come a long way and has been a very enjoyable process.

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