Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Copper Sconce for Castle Shed Torch Lights

Wow! The design worked out great.

Remember the August 3 blog entry? I described the pattern making process from paper. There were 9 paper patterns and it was number 8 that I liked the most. It's been melding in my mind how to make it. My jewelry making skills are for small pieces of jewelry as in my MaDil Designs Etsy shop.

The skills and tools are a little different for something much larger. Finally I figured out the best way to make it out of copper sheeting.

Do we have a copper sconce or a patat frit holder?  Dutch hubby keeps calling it that. In the Netherlands french fries are served in a paper cone holder and he keeps drooling wanting a batch topped with the traditional mayonnaise on top.

It looks like a perfect torch light sconce to me. 

Now on to make the second one and mount them to the castle shed. They just may appear for sale in my Etsy shop for sale by next week as indoor electric sconce lighting. There are ideas rolling in my head.

Can you visualize them under the torch lights? The final decision will be to leave them shiny copper to age on their own or verdigris them as I did the roof finials and flags.

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