Saturday, February 7, 2015

Windmill Mushroom Fairy House and Carmel By-The-Sea

Jan got creative photographing his windmill brown mushroom fairy house. He put it on an open book of Dutch windmills. Looks cute! Click here for the Etsy listing.

While going through photos I came across an assemblage Jan had put together of his doors, windows and tree. It was so quaint I had to print it. Look how real and three dimensional the print looks in a frame.

This colorful print made my heart thump, look at the light on the magenta bougainvillea and the portal window. Jan took the photo on a trip to Carmel by the sea.

One of my favorite paintings Jan has painted is The Tuck Box, also in Carmel. Hugh Comstock was a genius in designing storybook houses. 

It's time for a trip to Carmel to get our fill of storybook quaintness, art galleries and the sea.

Prints are in the art photography prints section of our Etsy shop.

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